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Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin was established during the reign of Joseph II, the son of Maria Teresa, in the 18th century. Terezin, named for his mother, was built as a fortress to protect the borders of the Czech lands. The years 1939 – 45 were the most tragic period in the history of Terezin. During World War II, it was used as a prison by the Prague Gestapo and the town itself was transformed into a Jewish ghetto in 1942. More than 150,000 prisoners went through it. Only 10% survived. Besides the Jews from Bohemia and Moravia, there were victims from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovakia and Hungary. Terezin will always remain the symbol of the Jewish genocide during the Second World War, as well as a lasting remembrance to present and future generations.

Terezín is about 1 hour out of Prague. Our driver-guide will pick you up at the hotel in the time according to your choice. This speacial tour is arranged in a car or in Mercedes Vito, people-carrier with special DVD equipment, for a group of 7 persons maximum. Price are set for whole groups regardless of the number of people. During this half-day tour, you will see films and get a general idea about the city of Terezín and the concentration camp from the DVD.

Our driver-guide will be start the private guided tour in the Ghetto Museum, there is a long-term exhibition situated. Then you will continue by car to the Jewish Cemetery and Crematorium. On the way you will se Magdeburg barracks, the Columbarium and Funeral room. After examining the Cemetery you will drive back to the city centre and visit the Small Fortress. You will be welcomed by a profesional local guide because it is not allowed go in with your own guide. After this one hour walking tour you will be take back to Prague by our car or minivan.

Terezin Tour

The Ghetto Museum

The museum is situated in the center of the city and was established in October, 1991. You will see a permanent exhibition that displays the ghetto history and individual aspects of its inmates - day to day life. A display of pictures, painted by inmates and imprisoned children, is also part of exhibition. Documentary films are screened at the cinema. You can buy souvenirs, books or videos.

Terezin Concentration Camp

The Small Fortress

Part of the Terezin fortification system, built between 1780 and 1790, always served as a prison. At the beginning of the Second World War, the Small Fortress was turned into a prison of run by the Prague Gestapo. It was established as a key link in the repressive system of the Nazi occupation authorities. In front of the main gate there is the National Cemetery, founded in autumn, 1945.

Terezin Jewish Tour

The Jewish Prayer Hall

The prayer hall was founded during the ghetto period and served the spiritual needs of prisoners, who were accommodated in the neighboring houses. A few years ago, the Terezin Memorial restored this prayer hall and made it accessible to visitors to Terezin.

Terezin Nazi Camp

Magdeburg Barracks

During the time of the ghetto, the former riding barracks were known as the Magdeburg Barracks. These premises housed the offices of the ghetto's Jewish self-administration, whose leading officials were accommodated there as well. Part of the building is now used by the Terezin Memorial, primarily for exhibitions.

Terezin Jewish Cemetary

The Jewish Cemetery

The cemetery was built soon after the establishment of the Terezin Ghetto, in 1941. From the beginning the people were buried in individual graves but later in mass graves. A crematorium was opened later. It was built by prisoners of Terezin ´s camp. It is a simple and purpose-built structure. The ashes were stored in urns and taken to the columbarium. Not only dead bodies of the ghetto were burnt there but also prisoners from the Small Fortress. About 30 000 people were cremated here.

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